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Exciting Facts about Teen Patti

The Indian Poker popularly known as the Teen Patti is one of the most commonly played card games. This game has been a part of many previous generations and is still a trendy phenomenon. This game is also played during family events and festivals in India, especially during Diwali. One of the most interesting facts about this gambling game is that it originated in the Indian Subcontinent and is popular throughout South Asia. It is also called flush or flash in some regions.

Some Basic Facts

Single: ‘A’ is a high value card, ‘AA’ double, Black coloured ‘A’, ‘K’, ‘Q’, ‘AAA’ triple are all high value cards. A heavy card holder may usually win the game, but a fun fact about the Teen Patti game is that sometimes even lower card holders can win. This might happen due a player’s stable playing skill or his/her risk-taking capabilities. One of the players need to deal the cards for the game to start, these cards are usually dealt clockwise. Each player is required to put up an ante into the pot before picking the cards and the winning player gets the pot later. The cut for seat is a process which ensures that the relative rankings of the cards decide the seating arrangement of each player. The winner of any hand will be the dealer for the next hand, after the opening hand. A boot amount is usually put on the table and then the betting starts, by the player next to the dealer. The terms ‘Loose. and ‘tight’ in the game of Teen Patti refer to a player’s general tendency to play hands beyond the first round or to fold them quickly. A “tight” player will often choose to fold weaker hands, while a “loose” player will bet on more of these hands and thus play more hands to the showdown, however there is no hard rule around this and can vary from game to game.

Is an Indian Favourite

We can find many card games references throughout Indian History? There may be an ongoing debate about whether gambling should be legal or not, but that has not stopped the Indian families from engaging in these games. In fact Diwali and Teen Patti almost go hand in hand. The Indian Bollywood Industry made a Hindi Thriller Film with the title Teen Patti. Not only was this movie successful but it also got a worldwide of players interested in this game. Speaking of movies, you can now have access to a thousand movies on your phone and watch them anytime, anywhere.

The different moves of the game

A player might choose to Play Bind whereby they take the risk of guessing their own cards and other players. Here, the bet is placed without seeing the cards. Playing Chaal is another move of this game which is different from playing roulette. The player can choose to see the cards at any given point of time and then place a bet on their turn. One can place a bet to increase it, if they have strong cards in their hand. They might also choose to bluff the other players. The rule for a sideshow is that you cannot ask the last player to do so, if they are playing blind. To pack or fold your cards is when you have completely forfeited your money. You can go through a complete guide at to get a better understanding of how to master teen patti and real money would be knocking at your door for fun.

Becoming a very popular online game

Online poker in India is altogether getting a lot of attention and popularity, it is even becoming a sort of profession for gamers. Online games of teen patti are a massive hit in India. In fact, the love for teen patti is driving the mobile gaming industryin India. There are huge range of mobile games or online casinos you can choose from; we suggest you do so after careful research on each of them.

Quirky strategies

It is advised that players always bet small money as it will help them place stake for many hands rather than losing a lot of money at one go. Carefully study the pattern of the game and calculate your opposition’s card, counting skills are an essential for you to be good at this game. The important point to note is that neither bet at first when you have good cards nor fold first if you have bad cards. there is always a chance of things suddenly turning around to benefit your game.

We hope this article was helpful and that you have a fun experience while playing the game.


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